Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedgie Babysitter Can My Babysitter Do This? (I'm A Boy)?

Can my babysitter do this? (I'm a boy)? - wedgie babysitter

Ok my sister told me wedgie. Sometimes with ravioli underwear sometimes, when you ask to do this, you do not why, but what happened to my mother and I wear shorts now is not much, but I wedgie in these

They find new ways to wedgie trailers, normal, and all pages, even if they are actually atomic pants strong enough for me to hang there, like the

Normally, I'm with her 6 hours and I gave it up and go or do to convince my parents. My heel is so insensitive that it does not hurt, especially if bored. She prepares dinner, but he says thatI ate. She comes every thursday.She me hanging there for an hour after he left me for later, but it makes me stay in my room. I am 14 years old, she is 19 years, I was also in the balls hit a lot and sometimes twirls. She continues to find new ways to search around the Internet.

Not all reality in the world is perfect! I want a correct answer with REAL!


  1. Convincer try, your parents do not need a nanny after all, they are 14, a teenager. If that fails, get a new number of babysitters and ask your parents to change baby-sitter. Well, if none of these work, and his parents refuse to believe that you call the police. I am not only fun, it is the abuse and illegal.

  2. If your parents do not believe, then go to a counselor at your school. The consultant will help to persuade her parents that something is wrong. The film is also a good idea if you have a camera. Otherwise, discuss with the authorities is the best choice - and your school is able to help advisers. Let us know what happens!

  3. must say, your parents, it is abuse! You can even have a bar that serious injuries! If the parents think if you try to shoot what makes you so they do not know, and shows the video to your parents. the woman is sick

  4. if it is a real problem and need advice, you should tell your parents when you pay does not permit parents to be abused.

  5. ooh my, you have to go to a school Councl. You need to worry about it. tell a trusted adult. It's ridiculous. is tooo old for a babysitter anyway. I took care of another 12 years.